2017-02-27 by banksia
Hi. This is my Savage Nautilus 19 workman, it used to have an inboard motor which I have removed and i have custom built a frame to carry a 20hp outboard on the back of the boat, it has made this boat absolutely fantastic, it has a full flat floor from front to back plenty of space, the motor noise and exhaust are dramatically reduced, it steers really very well in reverse and is all things favorable in forward, it will do 6.25 to 6.5 knots with the minimum of fuss, it is just wonderful.
I recently sold my 30ft displacement boat which had become to big for me on my own and i had been watching for a Savage Nautilus for a long time when this one appeared in Qld looking very forlorn. I was able to buy it for $3k plus freight back to Melbourne plus a replacement tandem trailer, very quickly it became $8k sitting in my back yard but was all worthwhile. I have spent a lot of hours and additional dollars making it like new and I love it. I also have a Savage Dolphin 16 with cabin that is like new powered with an Honda outboard on a tilt trailer and I use that in Port Phillip Bay on the odd occasions, most of my boating is on the Gippsland Lakes out of Paynesville. FRANK

Date Posted: 2017-02-27
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Posted By: banksia
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Sailboat: Nautilus 19 Sailboat by Savage Boats of Victoria