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I am a sailboat-aholic & love looking at pictures and websites about sailboats and have wanted to buy every sailboat I have ever seen. I used to search for the "perfect sailboat", but came to the realization that "perfect" was just a way of expressing how much a person likes their boat from their perspective, there really is no such thing as a perfect boat for everyone. And just because I like one boat, doesn't mean I can't like another boat just as much. With this understanding I have the freedom to share my affection to all sailboats. I have owned 100+ boats and continue to get new ones and play with them, and have yet to find one that I didn't like.

Originally made my website in 1999 to sell a type of pen I invented called a "ShortyPen". Everyone told me I'd make a million bucks if I made a website to sell my pens. That never panned out and I no longer sell the shortypens.

Had a spreasheet of sailboats that I obsessed about and used to email copies to friends so we could oogle over the various sailboats out there. Some of these boats are still being produced today, but the majority were only manufactured for a few years and their factory is no longer in business so info about them can be kinda scarce. To make updating easier, I put the spreadsheet on the web server and that became the original pocket cruiser guide. Other people started visiting the site and sending in links and info about sailboats so it started to grow into what we have today. So please enjoy the guide, hopefully it can help you find sailboats that you would enjoy sailing.

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