My Custom Mini Chopper Pocket Bike

Article By Shorty
couple pics with daughter on it

When I was a kid, I had a small typical, 3hp mini-bike. It was a lot of fun, but I grew up and sold it. I also used to ride motorcycles, both offroad and on. Now that I have kids, I was kicking around the idea of getting another motorcycle. Being the minimal spirited kinda guy, I started looking around for a minibike that was big enough to carry my daughter and I at the same time. Looked everywhere, couldn't find one. Then I just happened to meet Jason, who builds custom mini choppers. We talked it over, and went back to his laboratory. Got lucky, he had a left over frame, small 3hp engine, and a few other parts.

I described to him how I wanted enough room for my daughter to sit in front of me. We kicked around a few ideas, and he made a neat triangle seat that had shock springs and everything. It was comfy to ride, but the high seat really changed the look. Then he put on the regular chopper seat, and bolted a regular bicycle seat in front of it on the frame. Such a simple solution, and it works great. My daughter sits on the "buddy seat", while I drive from the rear seat. Only a slight problem, her helmet is right at my eye level, so I have her slouch a little so I can see over top.

Not ready to drive it by herself yet....

To make it cheaper, I had Jason just build the bike, and I'll paint it myself later. Really happy with the way it came out. Looking forward to putting lots of road time on this bike, the primary use will be to drive my daughter up the road to her friend's house.