Pocket Bike Mini Chopper - Rice Racer Crotch Rocket

Article By Shorty

Isn't this just the cutest little bike you have ever seen? I could hear him coming a block away, it is a Japanese racing motorcycle, also known as a Pocket Bike. Not sure what the class rules are, but they are only 36" long from end to end. This one has a 41cc or 49cc engine and is street legal in Texas. Evidently he can make it up to 40+ mph.

Heard they have been racing these in Japan for years, and just recently they have been flooding into the US. Lots of different configurations like blowers, NOS kits etc. This one was setup with the basic motor and the biggest sprocket in the rear, so he can have a good takeoff and low end speed. Said he weighed about 260 lbs, and he could really zip along, much faster than I can in my minichopper.

You can find these all over the place now, pep boys sells them, there is a guy down the street that sells them from the back of his van, and ofcourse there are a TON of them on ebay, starting at prices of $50 (most get bid up to $100-$200).