Super Simple Kayak Paddling Excercise Machine

Article By Shorty

Years ago I remember watching Evander Hollyfield fight someone, and before the fight they showed one of his secret exercise machines. It looked like a backpack with a couple of lines hooked to springs. As evander would thrust his hands forward (clutching the line), it would put tension on the spring and give him a workout which was very similar to punching. I always thought that was neat.

My friend Skip Johnson is a kayak / paddle boat designer and also runs in paddling races. He has a neat work out machine that looks like a standard rowing machine, but instead of pulling back on a T handle like rowing, it is hooked up to a paddle so he can stroke it like he is paddling a canoe.

So here is my contribution to the interesting exercise machine category - I paddle my kayak in the pool for exercise. To keep from flying to the other side, I have her attached to the pool decking with a stake in one of the volleyball pole sockets.

At first, I tried paddling with just the rope, but on each stroke the boat would go forward and snap the line taught giving me a little jerk. Then the boat would float backwards a little bit between strokes, and then as I pulled with the other blade on my paddle, I'd end up snapping the line taught again. To fix it, I attached a couple of bungees to the end of the leash. They work great as shock absorbers, and I can paddle just fine - and it is a great workout.