Boppy The Kayak - Unpacking in the livingroom

Article By Shorty

What a big box this is! I barely dragged it in the door when my daughters started to tear into it. To them this must have seemed like the biggest present Santa could fit in his sleigh!

After it came out of the box, we immediately proceeded to fish for imaginary sharks. Morgan (the bigger one) grabbed some legos and threw them off to the side while Darby kept pointing and saying "Oh NO!" After the sharks were blugeoned to death Morgan went over the side and dragged their (imaginary) carcasses aboard. With her imaginary knife (which I didn't know she had) she cut off pieces of shark for us all to snack on. We finished that shark quickly and so she had to get a second one...

I hadn't cleaned my spot in the garage to store the kayak yet, so we kept it in the livingroom behind the couch for a couple of weeks. That is OK, I like eating imaginary sharks - they taste really good even after eating them every day for 2 weeks.