1987 Holder 12 Sailboat #1683 - Misc Trip Pictures

Article By Shorty

The first trip out was as a row boat. I installed a set of oarlocks, put an umbrella in the mast step hole, and we went rowing. The girls really loved it, and we went rowing often.

I saw in the old advertisements that this boat was sold as a "family daysailor", said something about "take the wife and kids...". So hey, I saw it in print, so it must be true right? I took my wife and both kids a number of times, and while we were all cozy together, we realy could all fit in there, it was fun! Sure was a lot more space than when I took us all on my Splash II kayak, and we all fit in there fine too.

The first sail rig I used on her was a sunfish lateen. The original holder was specified to have 60 sqft, and the sunfish sail is more like 80. It worked great.

Later on I switched over to a Bolger 59 Leg O Mutton Sprit Sail which over time has proven to be my all time favorite sail rig.

This is the dragon at the end of Lake Woodlands.

Later I placed a geocache in it's mouth.

She might look rough, but she sure is nice to sail. I also had a $10K Peep Hen at the same time, and every time I took her out, I would worry about everything, didn't want to get a single scratch. With the holder, I could run her right up on the beach and not worry about a thing, if I scratched (or holed) her, it was just a couple of minutes in the garage slathering a little epoxy on, and she would be as good as new ....errr... as good as the day I first launched her.

The real reason she was in the pool was I ran out of storage space, and had nowhere else to put her. So she sat in my pool for a couple months while I sold off some other boats, and got a replacement trailer. On long phone calls, I would go out back and sit in the hull and float around the pool.

Heading out from Palacios TX, sailing across Matagorda Bay to put a geocache and scout a location for an upcomming beach cruise.

holder 12 sailboat in matagorda bay
Looking out into Matagorda Bay.

sailboat up on beach
Found a nice place that was kind sheltered from the prevailing winds.

wrecked shrimp trawler
Took lots of trips in her, this is a wrecked shriper I sailed past at Palacios.

Another cove in the Matagorda Bay area -- too shallow for most boats though.

Was really flying home, doing about 8 miles an hour. A dolphin suddenly surfaced right next to me, it was so close I could have reached out and touched it's fin.

beach cruise sailboat
Return trip with friends to beach cruise and spend the night in our sailboats.

I went out to Bolivar Peninsula to place a geocache down along the East Galveston Bay. This is the ferry ride across.

Arrived at a bait camp.

This is their ramp that I launched from.

Sailed out to a rocky beach and hid a geocache there.

This is on the way back. One if the reason I like the Holder so much, it is a very comfy boat to lounge around in while sailing.

Ahhh.... doesn't get any better than this. (look up at sky, hope for swedish bikini team to parachute in with some beer...)

Ferry ride back.

I often use her as a row boat. I rowed out to maintain the geocache "Beyond Here Lay Dragons" which is in the mouth of the dragon.

This is another rowing trip, I went to maintain the geocache Woodlands Mud Hole.

At south shore park on lake woodlands, waiting out a rain shower.

Sailing in the rain beats any day on shore.