Sailboat Gets A New Paint Job

Article By Shorty

The original color scheme was pretty boring, either just a plain color, or just a stripe down the side.

Most boat builders seem to keep a certain look to their boats.
Some like bright wood, others pick out certain colors, hunter green seems to be a favorite.
I picked white with black trim. The white is cooler on a hot summer day, and most fiberglass boats are white or cream anyway.

Also there is a hidden philosophical statement how I wish the world was more black and white (more simple to make decisions), but in reality almost everything is gray.

After a couple of years sailing with the sunfish rig, I started using it with a leg-o-mutton sprit. The mutton is a MUCH easier sail to rig and use, it stowes in no time, could go on for hours why I like this sail rig more than any others. But the main reason I switched was so that I could lounge around more. I was less interested in speed, and more interested in long distance comfort.

With a bigger sail rig, I had to be ready to get up on the side to counter balance gusts of wind. Capsized her a couple of times when I didnt get up on the sides. With the smaller 60 sqft sail, I could lounge around in the cockpit, go at a reasonable speed, and when the gusts hit, I could continue to lounge around. For me, it is a better compromise, especially after 6-8 hours on the water.