Fiberglass Other Damage Parts Hull

Article By Shorty

I already had an idea for some of the stuff I was going to do with her, so I cut open a couple of places to install deckplates.

Looks like someone had done a couple of repairs on her previously, but that large hole looks like the cause of her ending up in the bone pile.

Whew that is a big hole, I could get my entire arm in there. Lucky for me that all the pieces are there, I just have to patch back up the cracks.

Before I could start repairs, I cleaned the hull and started drying out the interior.

The sticks are to help the airflow come out the hole, and hopefully dry out the area so the epoxy will stick to it.

Inside the hull I found that the supports between the cockpit and the bottom of the hull had been crushed. Probably from lots of kids jumping into the cockpit.