2017-11-04 by Dave K
Hi Shorty,

We have owned ours since new. In the early ’80’s we relocated to a small town on the north shore of lLake Superior (Terrace Bay, Ontario) and we kept the boat in Rossport, amongst a number of islands, a beautiful and protected cruising grounds that has become part of a National Marine Conservation area.

It is currently undergoing a refit, with a number of projects to support single handing and cruising (“Camp” style).

They are great little boats, designed with more than average care, good quality construction and they are fun and safe to sail. The positive buoyancy is a great safety feature (not that we plan to exercise that feature) - it is interesting that (at the time we were looking at these boats initially) a number of local sailors (perhaps trying to sell their boats) made a big deal out of the “turtle” incident. We talked to Bill Goman and he provided more background on the incident (gusting wind over a current at the mouth of the Niagara river, inexperienced crew, cold water, etc/etc. He pointed out that, the month previously a number of J24s had been knocked down in a race on the East Coast of the US and had filled through the companionway, sinking -they were excited to find that their floatation had worked and made the recovery so simple. We ended up buying the boat and have not regretted it. Tacks quickly, points high and accelerates to hull speed quickly.

There are some common minor weaknesses that we’ve addressed over the years -small things like locker hinges cracking, portlights adhesive failing, etc that we’ve addressed and corrected -but nothing major.

Berths: Two 6’-6” Quarter berths, a 5’-2” children’s v-berth.
Keel type: Cast iron Fin, computer modelled, high lift
Ballast: 320KG
Draft: 4 feet


Dave K

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