2017-06-26 by Tim Terrebonne
Dick Fisher had a company building lightweight boat from balsa wood. In the 1950s Fisher used polyurethane foam as a replacement for the balsa pine and in 1954 he constructed a small sailing dinghy filled with the foam, which was similar to the Sunfish. He showed it to his friend, naval architect C. Raymond Hunt who recognized the potential but felt would be more suited to motorized boats instead of sailboats. Hunt convinced Fisher that the market was bigger for a motorized boat rather than a sailing dinghy, but both the Trident and the Whaler, which was modified from the Hickman sled, went into production in 1956. Trident was produced 1956-1958. As you know, they are still making Whalers! So this Trident, wherever it is, is a part of Boston Whaler history!

Date Posted: 2017-06-26
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Sailboat: Trident Sailboat by Boston Whaler