Force 5 by AMF
Boat Name Force 5
Manufacturer AMF
Hull Type Board Boat
LOA 13'10"  (4.22m)
Beam 4'10"  (1.47m)
Weight 145  (65.9kg)
Ballast   (0kg)
Keel Type
Draft Up 0"  (0m)
Draft Down 0"  (0m)
Year Start
Year End
Number Made
Shortypen ID 223
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2013-02-20 by: Gene HeardBright Wood And Varnish
2013-02-20 by: Gene HeardBring Home A New Toy
2013-02-20 by: Gene HeardFixing up daggerboard trunk Force 5 Sailboat
2013-02-20 by: Gene HeardMaking Bunk Boards for Force 5 Sailboat Trailer
2013-02-20 by: Gene HeardRoll Her Out In The Driveway

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2016-09-27 by: James White
Awesome!!! Really cool story and pics of the Holder 12.
Love the lateen rig on her too. Good job!!!! I've put the
lateen rig on so many boats (I have the original sail rig for
the boats but used lateen setup for ease when I felt like it.
I once had a beautiful green stripe Sunfish lateen rig on a
Force 5. I wrapped some sheets of plastic around the mast
base so it would fit more snug in the F5 step. I really like
creative people who can think outside of the more (picture)